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Most days you'll find me cross-legged on the floor playing with my littles. I have been married to my husband just shy of two years. We are heart and soul in love. I would spend 24/7 by his side if I could. I adore rose petal tea in fancy tea cups and reading Jane Austen novels.

I want to tell your love story in an organic way. Just as it occurs in all it's visible glory. To take your love at it's core and capture it on camera. 

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Previously a full-time Nanny, I became a photographer shortly after my husband and I promised forever to each other on September 5, 2014 and life hasn't slowed down at all since. That November we found out we were having our first baby, who we welcomed at the end of July in 2015. I didn't know I could love any human being so deeply. When my son Bayne was freshly 5 months old, we brought our family into the world of a new little life we call Max through Foster Care and I discovered the meaning of the word "love" all over again. I am so thankful for my beautiful little family who inspires me to work hard every day.

I love and feel very deeply. I'm a loud mouth, cat lover, and hopeless romantic. I love everything girly and my favorite color is pink. I wear my heart on my sleeve and love getting to know people for who they are. I have a passion for wedding  and engagement photography. But there will always be a special place in my heart for photographing families and newborns. 

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There is no one with you more on your wedding day than your photographer. I take my time getting to know you personally to be a true friend by your side throughout the process; one of the many reasons why all of my wedding packages include a complimentary engagement session. Fill out the form below to book today!

Are you looking for family, maternity, or newborn portraits? I don't strictly shoot weddings! If you're interested in portrait photography, tell me exactly what kind of photography you're looking for using my contact form! In return, I'll be happy to send you my portrait pricing!

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"I couldn't have asked for a better photographer... She really takes the time to get to know you, so that your photographs can be that much more personal." - Emma

"Amelia is an amazing photographer and was incredible to work with." ~ Paige

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